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  • Giani™ Granite Paint - Standard Kits
    Giani Granite Paint Standard Kits each contain everything you need to refresh and update an old benchtop. Each kit is capable of covering an area of up to 3.2 square meters. Choose from a range of different colour options to suit your decor.
  • Giani™ Granite Paint - Small Projects Kit
    Giani Granite Paint Small Project Kits are ideal for vanities, table tops, dressers and other smaller interior projects. The small project kits are also ideal for touching up existing Giani finishes.
  • Liquid Stainless Steel Paint Kits
    Get the stainless steel look using Liquid Stainless Steel paint kits. The standard kit covers an area of up to 7 square meters. For small projects opt for the small project kit that has coverage of up to 1.7 square meters. The paint can be used on Whiteware, Tile Backsplashes, Wood Cabinets, Washing Machines & Dryers.