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Giani™ Granite Paint

Giani Granite Paint will transform most benchtops to a lustrous hardened work surface that takes little care but will stand the test of time. Our Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Kits have everything you need to create rich Granite tones or beautiful Marble patterned surfaces. Giani Granite Paint is water-based so it's safe to use without any nasty chemicals and it has minimal odour.

Giani Granite Paint works great on most benchtop surfaces including Formica, Meltica, Laminate, Timber and Stone. Preparation is key and by carefully reading the instructions or watching the instructional video you'll enjoy turning your kitchen benchtops into your own unique work of art at a fraction of the cost of a new benchtop, so what are you waiting for, BUY NOW!

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Don't believe us? Then check out just some of the reviews we have received from fellow New Zealanders & Australians that have taken the Giani Granite Paint DIY plunge. Click here for Reviews.

New Giani Marble Paint Kit

Giani Marble mirrors the large deposits of the classic, monumental stone of the Carrara highlands in Tuscany, Italy. The large expanses of white limestone cut by thin, sinewy veins and plumes of grey quartz are the distinctive qualities that make this particular surface a treasured feature. The simplicity of color and pattern make it a luminous addition to any kitchen or bath. Brighten your classic, traditional or contemporary space with the polished look of marble.